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Wintertime Blue Catfishing

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Wintertime Blue Catfish

The widespread blue catfish, also known as "humpback blue", "Mississippi White" and "Bluecat" is the preferred catfish for a very high percentage of catmen. The blue catfish matures into a very large catfish, and currently is the heaviest catfish species of record in North America.

The popular bluecat really reaches his peak and is easiest to catch in the wintertime when the water temperature hovers between 35 and 50 degrees. The bluecat is different from other catfish in that he stores little fat in his body. The blue must eat year around to survive, and he will eat just about anything that swims. The only hard and fast rule concerning what the bluecat will eat is that it must fit in his mouth.

Wintertime blues school together in deep water, usually the deepest water available to them. But they are easy to find due to their habit of cruising along very slowly, just under schools of suspended shad, waiting for the errant shad to be separated from the school and easily picking him off without spooking the school. The recommended technique for catching wintertime blues is to locate the schools of shad, net a few fresh from the school and bait up, dropping the cut baits two or three feet below the school of shad. Use a rodholder or keep the rod in your hand. A hit on an unattended rod will result in a splash and a dumb look on the face of the fisherman.

To net shad in deep water, first locate the shad and place the boat directly over them. Tie an extra handline on the end of the castnet handline to allow the net to descend to the level of the shad.

Above all, remember that the water temperature is low enough to be a safety issue. Hypothermia will result within a minute of submersion. Be careful to wear a life preserver at all times on the water, adult and children. Safety first at all times.

Submitted by Albert McBee. Copyright December 2006. The author is a catfishing guide on Robert S Kerr Lake in Eastern Oklahoma. Albert may be contacted through http://www.okcharters.com

Reprint permission granted as long as the message is reprinted in it's entirety including the submission, author identification information and this permission.

About the author:

Author is a 100% disabled Viet-Nam Veteran operating Oklahoma Catfish Charter Service and maintaining several websites including http://www.okcharters.com, http://www.precisioncaster.net and http://www.bigboyztoystore.com.


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