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Drizzle Fishing
Great fish catching opportunity after a rain storm. What is that you might ask? Well sit back and read on. Drizzle fishing is all about taking a break and getting side-tracked from your normal daily activities towards the end of an afternoon or...

Archery Fishing Tips and Techniques
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Why Should You Buy a Custom Fishing Rod?


Well, perhaps you shouldn’t. If you have just started fishing, and occasionally dunk a worm for panfish, you can easily get by with a cheap rod from a discount store. But, if you have progressed in the art of fishing to the point where you get a kick out of your equipment, and have learned to appreciate the benefits of a sensitive rod, the custom rod may be for you.

There are some concrete benefits to the custom rod. Above all else, the custom rod can be much more sensitive than any rod you can buy over the counter. Sensitivity is a function of two things – the actual characteristics of the blank and weight. When you go the custom route, your rodmaker can help you select a blank that is ideal for what you require. Bass fishing with a dropshot or splitshot rig? In this case, you need a very sensitive tip to feel the bite, but enough butt to get in the big ones. Every type situation can be optimally handled with a specific blank.

Weight is the other component of sensitivity. The lighter the total rod weight, the better you will be able to feel those light bites. As a plus, the lighter the weight, the less tired you will get over a long day’s fishing.

When you go the custom route, you can tailor each part of the rod to reduce weight. Since a good rodmaker will do both static and dynamic testing, you will have fewer guides. Fewer guides towards the tip is a particularly good thing, as weight here really reduces sensitivity. Also, you can choose extremely lightweight guides to further reduce overall weight.

The handle is another area where weight can be saved. Today’s hot handle is the split grip, where there is a small butt, then the bare blank, then the reel seat. This not only saves weight, but can be customized to fit your hand and forearm. Of course, you can have your choice of handle materials, from the normal cork, to EVA foam, to exotic woods. There really is no limit to customization in the handle.

There are many other unique things you can have in a custom rod – spiral wrapping, your favorite colors (even your school colors), special lengths, etc. If you really want the ultimate fishing experience, a custom rod may be for you.

How much should you pay for a custom rod? There is a wide range of prices. If you go with a top line branded blank, with a lot of custom art, you can easily pay well over $1,000. However, a function rod, customized to your needs, can also be obtained for not much more than $100. It really depends on what you want.

If you decide a custom rod may be for you, you need to contact a local rod builder. He can help you decide if you can justify the price, and walk you through the selection process.

About the Author

Steve Broadwell is a life-long fisherman who has been interested in rod building and repair for many years. He has just opened a home-based business with the goal of offering custom rods at affordable prices. Visit http://www.bcrods.com to learn more.

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