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Hawaii Sport Fishing
If you're coming to experience Hawaii sport fishing, you have one heck of an adventure awaiting you! Anglers from all over the world journey to these deep blues waters teeming with trophy fish. This is where you come to get the big ones. In fact the...

Fishing From Your Kayak? Here Is Some Gear You Might Need
As a kayaker, you might not always want to run the white water. Sometimes, you want to take it easy and do some fishing. If you plan to fish from your kayak, you will need some necessary gear and accessories. Kayak fishing gear is easy...

The Truth About Internet Fishing, er, Marketing


This article is pure gold! Nothing like this has ever been written, nor
will be. Learn now the deepest secrets behind making HUGE profits
from instant sales.

The POWER of the Internet will explode profits right into your bank
account! Supercharge your sales system with time proven easy
methods. Your six figure income dreams are about to become reality!


Because I'm writing using big terms making everything sound super
wonderful, that's why! And for no other reason!

I read an article the other day that flat out said the reason all of the
BIG marketers are so successful is because they make everything
sound bigger and better than it really is.

Hmmm. I bet all of the BIG marketers catch a lot of BIG fish, too.

You know, I went fishing last weekend and caught a 47 pound
largemouth bass using a piece of sour apple taffy on a barbless size 12
hook and sewing thread tied to the bumper of my car. Yep, that bass
hit that taffy hard, so I punched the throttle of the car and jerked that
sucker clean out of the water. As I saw it flying, I popped the trunk of
the car, and as soon as I heard him land inside, I headed home and
told my wife to fire up the skillet!

Want to send me $29.95 now so I can teach you how to fish?

Most people I know don't argue with old fisherman and their
incredible stories, but listening to them doesn't cost anything either.

Does anybody argue with the BIG marketers, though? No. Why?
Because we all know they are making money. And how do we
know that? Because they have made OUR money!

Maybe making it rich strikes deeper in our hearts than catching a large
fish does, but what happens to our nose for sniffing out the stench of a
load of B.S. when it comes to reading marketing sales copy?

Oh yeah, we're all allergic to being poor and it stuffs us up so we can't

Am I trying to cut anybody down here? No, not really. I mean, I love
both fishing and Internet marketing. It's just that I've always made my
points on the opposite side of the fence. If I tell you I caught a big
fish, I'll back that up by getting it out of the freezer and having you
over for dinner.

In truth, some of the BIG marketers DO deliver what they promise.
You do need to be careful, however, because there are plenty that

Realize that even though the sales copy is written so that is sounds like
their deepest desire is to help you out, the true overall objective is to
make sales. That's ok, that's what we are all trying to do. I like
making money just as much as the next guy. I'm just saying be sure
you know exactly what you are going to get for your money before
you spend it. Don't buy into something on the hype of what it might
do for you. Demand to KNOW what it WILL do.

There are marketers who deliver on their promises and do their best
to be supportive of their product or service, however, there are plenty
that are too concerned about making the next sale to follow up on

Make sure you are getting what you want before you buy. If you're
not sure that you will, ask questions. If they are unwilling to answer,
more than likely their fish isn't as big as they said it was.

As for real fishermen, there's only been one that ever fed as many
people with his fish as he claimed he could.

That was Jesus, and he over delivered.

As far as I know, though, Jesus isn't involved in Internet marketing,
so trust carefully.

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Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters
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