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Fishing In Texas
Fishing in Texas In the state of Texas, 2 licenses are needed. The first is called the Conservation license. This is a prerequisite a person must have before being allowed to obtain a fishing license. The Conservation license can be...

Great Places To Go Fishing In Texas
If you like fishing you will like the different fish you can catch in Texas. Cutthroat, rainbow trout, lake trout and brown trout can be caught in different locations in Texas The brown trout are considered the be the hardest to catch. There...


Jug Fishing the easy way!

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Jug Fishing the easy way!

Download our Jugs Demo

Whether you're ready for an entirely different fishing experience - or you're tired of clumsy, messy jug fishing the old way - you'll certainly appreciate these compact discs that have revolutionized the world of jug fishing.

It's not just another pretty face - it does a trick!


The jugs are a jug fisherman's dream; simply place your jug in water, yellow side up, and watch for a fish to bite. When a fish bites your bait, the jug flips over to its red side. So when you see the jug floating red side up, you can pull in your fish!

What are the advantages to jug fishing with Jugs By Bert? The hydrodynamic design of Jugs By Bert provides increased resistance to set the hook when a fish bites. So the, fishing jugs help you catch more fish with less effort.

Jugs can be easily stored and transported in five-gallon buckets.

Add as many leader lines as you want! (As regulated by your state laws, of course!) Fishing Jugs By Bert are designed for flexibility!

Leader lines rotate 360 degrees around the main fishing line. No tangles!

One-pound sinker weight is especially designed to hold your jug in place. Unlike concrete blocks or other excessively heavy objects sometimes used in jug fishing, the one-pound weight is designed so that your line won't break when you catch a big fish.

Fishing Jugs By Bert take the guesswork out of jug fishing.

When you see the red side up you can get your fish!

http://www. bubbasbaitshop.com/jug-fishing.html

About the author:

Walt is the owner/operator of Bubba's Bait Shop


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