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Fishing in USA
Fishing as a sport and recreational activity is very popular in the United States. It has been a traditional hobby of the Americans as well as tourists in the USA. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, including the many streams of water...

Archery Fishing Tips and Techniques
Tips for Archery Fishing Also known as Bow fishing, this is a sport wherein a fisherman uses archery equipment to fish. A regular hunting bow can be used for fishing by simply attaching a reel to the front of the bow grip. Archery...


How to Fast Track Your Fly Fishing Skills

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Want to fish, but don't know how? Then a fly fishing school may be just the ticket to get you started on what may turn out to be a life long love affair with fly fishing. There are fly fishing schools geared to all your individual needs as a fisherman or woman.

If you want to fish in a particular place or for a specific species there are schools devoted to these pursuits. Saltwater, Freshwater or Nymph, cold water or warm water, Alaska, Ontario or Ireland; all are covered. You can find schools for kids, or schools run by women, for women. Wherever you want to fish you will find a fly fishing school to fit your needs.

If you want to learn new techniques, get advice on equipment, or find out the best places in your area for fishing, a fly fishing school can provide a valuable experience.

If you like the idea of socializing with like-minded people, a fly fishing club is also a good choice. There are clubs all over the world dedicated to the sport of fly fishing. There are clubs that cater to those who are physically challenged. There are also clubs for women only. There are international clubs or those dedicated to local areas of fishing.

There are many advantages to joining a fly fishing club. You will have the chance to exchange ideas, share information and learn new techniques. Many clubs will have lending libraries of books, magazines and videos, even equipment. Some clubs participate in trade shows and fairs giving you another means to communicate with other fly fishermen.

Another advantage to belonging to a fly fishing club is that often these clubs are able to get discounts on products and tours. Many clubs publish newsletters to keep you up to date on all the latest news for your sport. Besides being a source of fun, belonging to a club can be a very wise investment.

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Bob Boyce is a regular contributor to Fly Fishing Resources, an online resource offering you information and terrific prices on fly-fishing equipment, gifts, vacations and services at http://www.flyfis hing-equipment-gear.com.


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