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Fly fishing trips for the uninitiated


If you have never taken a fly fishing trip before and you
are planning on heading for the wilderness, take along a
buddy. At worst you'll have someone to compete with during
the telling of one that got away stories. At best you'll
have someone to help if trouble strikes.

Go prepared for all weathers and conditions. You'll be
miserable if you spend several hours in freezing weather
dressed only in shorts and t-shirt.

Remember that the more remote the stream you are fishing,
the more easily spooked the fish will be. Approach the water
carefully and think for a while before you wade in.

Packing your gear for your fly fishing trip

Try out your gear before you leave on your fly fishing trip.
Broken tackle in remote areas is not easy to replace. Carry
some extras for emergency repairs.

Avid anglers will often take a small fly tying kit with them
so they can whip up a fly to match whatever is hatching on the
water. Others use scissors or clippers to trim a ready prepared
fly into an "almost matches the hatch" one.

Remember to take a current license with you. Murphy's law
states that the only time you leave it behind is the time the
ranger will want to see it.

Before you leave, have a look at the fishing reports for the
area you are intending to fish. You'll get good information
about what's going on, including river levels, hatches and
other details.

When you arrive or get close to your destination, wander into
the local tackle store and speak with the sales people. They'll
usually know what's going on and have a few tips for you.

Guided or self-guided fly fishing trips

A guided fishing trip is a good idea if you are fishing
unfamiliar waters. Even a couple of hours with an expert will
give you hints and tips that apply to that particular spot.
You'll spend more time in productive fishing.

Guided trips can cost you dearly. You'll pay by the hour, by
the day, or by whatever the guide decrees. Some guided trips
will include tackle, some will not. The price will vary

If you are an experienced angler and expert at reading any
water then you'll be able to get away without paying for a
guide. Sometimes peace and solitude is well worth a couple of
hours of getting used to the stream.

For me, the hike into the backcountry enhances the trip. I
take time to soak in the fresh air and admire the scenery. The
fishing is the climax, but the journey is well worth the time.

Fly fishing is more than just a sport, it is like painting
with many brushes. An extended fly fishing trip will enable you
to practice your artistry. If you return with nothing more
than a greater appreciation of the beauty of a trout, then
you will have returned a greater artist.

About the Author

Dale East is a long time outdoorsman and fly fisher and publisher of
Fly Fishing Wyoming

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